Our idea of hospitality started after perceiving the most intimate features which belong to Religious Tourism. Our country, Italy, being the heart of Christianity, offers countless opportunities to join the visit to historic monuments to truly spiritual and unforgettable experiences allowed by the chance to overnight at monasteries, hermitages, or at one of the several religious guesthouses offering a friendly and more dedicated and careful service, if compared to the standard treatment received by an “usual” hotel stay.
Thanks to its specific background and to its so many years of experience in handling tourists, pilgrims, individuals, families, group of friends and any further kind of people wishing to be warmly welcomed and treated as real friend at a “home away from home”, BOOKINGMONASTERY.COM, puts all its efforts in order to offer a dedicated service to all those who like to stay at religious accommodations, in particular:

  • For Individuals or Families, that in such structures can still find a low cost, but still impeccable accommodation.
  • Groups, whether consisting of tourists, or pilgrims joining the canonization hearings, to which we offer the complete organization of their stay: from transportation to licensed guides, from airport or rail station transfers to restaurant reservations, and so on.

    We usually organize even study trips or school trips, for which we can also provide meeting and convention rooms fully equipped with the relevant technical appliances.



Societas vitae umani generi impellit hominem, ob necessitatem et ob cupiditatem , ad faciendum iter et necesse est accipere hospitalitatem.

Per virtutem gratiae eorum Scholae Religiosae debent, praeterea, offerre hospitalitatem. Per Aedes Acceptionis ii volunt honorare hoc officium.

Hospes erat et est primua Casae Acceptionis. Is nunziatur de ministeriis, quae ei servantur, ut primum porta ei se aperit ; is invitatur se esse particem casae, cum peritia vicissitudinis, cuius hospitat et cuius hospitatur.

Inde fit princeps in loco sobrio et familiari, etiam si breve aut brevissimo tempore.

Cura erit cuius, qui hospital, non faciere extraneum hospitem.

Imagines proposita et modus comunicationis sunt rationes optimae ad creandum et proponendum locum familiarem.

Verbum “Domus” iam, inter se, postulat notionem dulcis tranquillitatis et laetitiam, gadendi eam una.
Hospes confirmandum est, inde, positus in libertate movendi et agendi.

Enim per hoc, apertio dialogo fit basis notionis hospitalitatis pars videndi, quae ostendit cum opporuna iconographia nuntium ordinis, in domibus hospitalitatis, faciet causam signi, ad satisfaciendum curiositatem iustam et ad ostentandum proprium servitium hospitalitatis.

Ultra simplicem dialogum et ultra nuntium, imaginem oculorum, considerabitur multum, ab habente curam acceptioni, lingua libera et integra apta ad favendum gestui certo dialogi cum hospite.

Casae Acceptionis agunt cum nuntiis mittandis et accipiendis per comunicationes et verborum et non verborum.
Donum loci familiaris proponit quattuor zonas notas actionis mutuae : intimam, privatam, socialem et publicam.

Suppellex fit instrumentum per imagines ; iconographia inserit in scientiam et reddit facilem convictum in Casis Acceptionis ; imagines et iconographia reddunt facilem comunicationem verborum per dispositionem ad audiendum et per munus occursorum de hospitalitate, secundum gratiam.

Ad hoc impulsus opportuni excitantur et hospes nuntiatur de illis, ex more aut forte, secundum casus.
Hospes redebit in loco suo naturale, cum fecerint experimentum “standi domi, extra domum”.

Tenebit inter se gaudium mutationis nuntiorum et gaudium acceptationis familiare.

Tenebit inter se cupiditatem repetendi experimentum.