The blessing of S. Benedict

San Benedetto

St. Benedict, or better his holy spirit, is a comforting, bright presence which shines in the Benedictine havens of Trisulti, Casamari, and Cassino.

The three superb abbeys are the tangible representation of the Benedictine principle which preached monastic self-sufficiency as well as an harmonious and functional architecture. These three pillars of spirituality tell the routes and mark the traces of monks and hermits who founded churches, abbeys or small hermitages in the past centuries.

Impressive but at the same time harmonious, Trisulti is immersed in the woods of Mount Rotonaria. It was founded in 1000 by the Benedictines, while today is under the care of the Cistercians of Casamari.

Casamari dates back to the same period, and like Trisulti, after its foundation was taken under the protective wing of the Cistercian monks becoming a vital centre for the religious life of this region.

Montecassino gave hospitality to S. Benedict after his disappointing experience of Subiaco. It was the year 529. Since then, this extraordinary abbey has been destroyed many times and every time rebuilt, remaining along the centuries a bulwark of the Benedictine Rule.


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