Everybody wants to come to Italy

Italy is the tourist destination everybody dreams of, in any part of the world. But endless places to visit make it necessary to make a choice.

Travel agencies are often called upon to take an active part in proposing alternatives based on the preferences of their customers knowing intuit the inclination, the culture, the propensity unless coded choices. The travel agency must then, based on the type of customer, assess what the ideal route, such as things to see or what experiences do. It must also choose the level of accommodation, restaurants, guides for religious and cultural tours, transfers to and from airports and train stations, buses, meals in local restaurants, and any other special needs may arise. Ideal for any travel agency, it would have a partner in Italy that it can finalize all the requests coming from customers.

Booking Monastery further to being a fully licensed DMC for Italy provides its partners with an uncommon and interesting offer: the accommodation at Monastery Guest Houses, often ignored or undervalued.

The mission of Booking Monastery is to assist the travel agencies worldwide in their efforts aimed at offering, to those who wish to visit Italy, the maximum possible support. Booking Monastery knows the most popular places of worship and those unexpected but extraordinary, because less frequented, which give, in the silence, an unforgettable emotional impact. All they are places where tourists can be guests of Religious Guesthouses, which often are in close proximity.

Not a software but people
Many websites are able to automatically show an offer of accommodation that is suitable for all budgets: no human relationship necessary.

Booking Monastery is an organization of people: every reservation, every specific request is handled, processed and returned customized from a pool of tour operators with extensive experience in Italian tourism and religious tourism in particular.

Booking Monastery consists of experts who can:
to choose destinations and accommodation;
to organize transfers;
to plan individual tours and / or group visits;
to identify the best restaurants according to the proposed budget;
to change plans whenever the need arises.

Especially this last peculiarity demonstrates Booking Monastery is different: the other agencies sell closed packages which provide only a few additions, Booking Monastery instead can completely customize the journey by managing any schedule changes due to objective impediments but also simply to tourists will.

Anyone who has worked in managing travel knows how difficult it is to find agreement in groups of people before and during the journey. There are difficult situations that require a great experience to be managed. Booking Monastery can free the travel agency of any concern: Booking Monastery takes charge of the group after leaving their country, managing it both operationally and emotionally making negligible even the most trivial disputes. To avoid discontent must be efficient in the management of both routine and emergencies.
To solve those problems on which the reference agency (due to distance) can not intervene, Booking Monastery operates autonomously. but always in agreement with the travel agency, to intervene and to make the tourists fully satisfied with the service received.
Tourists who leave their country must be accompanied and protected by establishing a safe distance which, without limiting freedom, can avoid stressful situations due to inefficiencies that are real or perceived such as. The question is delicate because there are not two people equal to each other and can not be a standardized service. Therefore it is essential to have a great capacity to listen, to capitalize on the information received by turning them into customized service.

Booking Monastery also organizes study trips or school trips, for which, in addition to the aforementioned services, offers religious structures that have spaces and tools needed to perform meetings, educational classes and / or cultural presentations.
Our specificity consists mainly in making available to our correspondents our constant availability, i.e. the presence of a contact person with whom to relate personally.