Health and well-being in the spas of Ciociaria

Fiuggi Thermal Baths

The word ‘Spa’ (Salus per aquam) enshrines a universe. Modernized by now in their traditional image of “place of cure“ for the chronic ill or the old people, spas are living a new golden age. Today a holiday in a spa resort is a journey through the pleasures of the body which pass also through the cure. And to cure oneself means also to pamper oneself with beauty and wellness treatments.

The Spas of Fiuggi is – certainly one of the main places where this revival of ‘taking the water’ is apparent, The entire Ciociarian territory is run by sources, spas and springs with healing power. Historically, these lands have been for centuries places of cure and well-being for the body and soul, as the Romans, great connoisseurs and good judges of thermal water, knew well. Travelling among these ancient villages you feel immediately how important water is here: every town in Ciociaria, even the smallest, has a fountain, a source or a crystal clear spring of light, tasty water.

They have been there for centuries those sources, fountains, or simple water veins that bubble from the ground, so simple and at everyone disposal, yet truly precious and full of beneficial substances. Water is our guiding thread, let us follow it.


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