Religious Guesthouses in Italy is proud to introduce its wide array of religious guest houses in Italy or, in those cities where this is not possible, of simple but clean and convenient selected hotels placed at the most important tourist locations in Italy.

Italy is a land of contrasts and of one-of-a-kind beauties, but is above all the land of Christianity. This is witnessed by a huge variety of churches, cathedrals and shrines spread all over its territories.

And just in order to allow to all those people who might be interested in arts and religion of our beautiful country to indulge themselves an unforgettable stay in Italy or a themed tour, Bookingmonastery allow you to book guest houses in Italy:  Rome, Florence, Venice, Assisi and other important locations with online booking at no additional cost

Such a multiplicity and wide spread of locations serviced by our guesthouses, will make easy for to help everybody to arrange a travel or pilgrimage in any region of Italy.

Religious Tourism, Catholic Pilgrimages and Cultural Heritage Tours: the best brand in Italy is “”

Thanks to the three different methods of choice, everybody will easily be able to choose one’s location and the relevant preferred guesthouse.

It will be enough:
– To increase or reduce the size of the interactive map here below, for better choosing the requested location and the relevant guesthouse. It’ll then be enough click on the bed-shaped icon in order to get the name of the guesthouse and the link to its detailed webpage.


– To enter into the “Search locations” box at least the first letters of the requested location, to get a list of the local guest houses, appearing just under that search box. Then, by clicking on each of the lines composing the list, there will be enlarged a window with some more information about the guesthouse and the link to its relevant detailed webpage, while its location will be showed on the map on the left side of the page.


– To click on the “Locations” button to get a menu of the available locations and choose one or more of them, according to one’s interest. This will build a list of locations and local guesthouses, placed just under the “Search locations” box. Again, clicking on each of the lines of the list, there will appear a window containing some more details of the selected guesthouse and the link to its relevant webpage, while its location will be marked on the map on the left.
Moreover, will assist you not only for the reservation of the requested accommodation, but will gladly provide you with the supply of city sightseeing, excursions, meals reservation, “city passes” (where available), entrance tickets and much more.

Whatever might be your requests or your travel needs, kindly confide with trust in you’ll only have to send an email to and we’ll do our utmost in order to exceed your needs and submit you the most convenient offer for your next stay in Italy.